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Do I need to be a member to attend events?

London events are exclusive to members only.

However, we welcome new attendees to join our events by purchasing guest tickets subject to availability. Please be aware that members receive priority booking for all events. Membership offers a compelling package, including the digital benefits, which is ideal for senior professionals seeking to enhance their industry reputation and expand their practice on an international level. 

Members have access to speaking, writing, and promotional opportunities for both themselves and their firm. 

Additionally, if you would like to find out more about sponsorship opportunities email

How does the application process work?

Once you have filled out the membership application form our team will review and will be in contact with you to confirm whether or not your application has been successful.

Please expect this process to take up to 5 working days - any queries please contact us

Please note that we have a finite number of memberships available so your application is not guaranteed.  Please do not settle your membership invoice until approval has been received.

Is the membership linked to any location?

No, the membership is not linked to any location. However, you can use the tickets allocated in your membership package in any location.  

How much do guest tickets cost?

Dinner ticket cost ranges from £250 - £400 per head (+ VAT where applicable), and becoming a member makes sense if you plan to attend multiple events.

NextGen event tickets cost £125 + VAT per head.  Members can use 1 PCD Club membership  voucher (worth minimum £250 + VAT) for 2 NextGen guest places.  Once the 1st NextGen guest is registered to attend using a voucher code, the details of the 2nd guest must be sent to

Location Ticket price (GBP)


£400 + VAT

Isle of Man and Manchester

£250 + VAT

Jersey and Guernsey


Zurich and Geneva





£125 + VAT

Becoming a member makes sense if you plan to attend multiple events!  The PCD Club Membership Package Brochure can be downloaded here - please see full details listed on the website here.  To apply for a membership, please contact

Am I guaranteed a place at events if I am a member?

Due to limited capacity at each event, we cannot guarantee members a place. In London, we have moved to a venue with substantial capacity, but other locations may have more limited space. To increase your chances of attending, we recommend booking early. Throughout the annual membership, members will have opportunities to use their allocated number of tickets. 

What happens if I have booked a ticket but can no longer make the event?

Once you’ve used a voucher to book an event, your attendance  is confirmed.

If you can't attend an event, you can re-book a future event by notifying via email before the event starts. 

If the named person is unable to attend, PCD Club will accept the substitution of a colleague of equivalent seniority at the Directors' discretion. Again, all requests must be sent to for approval prior to the event. Requests for trainee professionals or those with less than 5 years PQE to attend will be rejected.

If you fail to attend an event without notifying in advance, it will count as one of your used dinner vouchers.

Can corporate members use more than one dinner ticket at an event?

Certainly! Corporate members have the flexibility to use multiple dinner tickets at an event. You are allowed to use as many tickets as you like for the named users attending the event.

What happens if I use up the full ticket allocation in the membership package?

You now have the option to purchase additional tickets for events at the guest ticket price.  We offer 2 voucher  bundle options to our members  allowing them to buy extra vouchers without incurring additional annual membership costs.

  • Buy 5 vouchers for £1,000 (plus VAT where applicable), saving minimum £250 compared to buying tickets individually.

  • Buy 10 vouchers for £2,000 (plus VAT where applicable), saving minimum £500 compared to buying  tickets individually.

To order a Voucher Bundle, simply email with your request, and we provide an invoice.

How to use your Vouchers - Prime members:

  1. Login with your existing personal login details.

  2. Click on the “MEMBERS” tab and then select the “MY VOUCHERS” tab to view the membership dinner vouchers.

  3. Copy the VOUCHER CODE to use for the booking.Go to the events page and choose the LIVE EVENT which you wish to attend. 

  4. Click on the “BOOK NOW” Button.  Make sure  your details including your phone number are up to date.

  5. Paste the VOUCHER CODE into the Voucher Code box.

  6. Click outside the box and you’ll see that no payment  is required since  the Voucher has been used. 

  7. Click “NEXT” to confirm and you'll be given confirmation of the completed event registration.

For further assistance, you can refer to the PRIME VOUCHER BOOKING PROCESS VIDEO


How to use your vouchers - Corporate members:

  1.  The membership Organisation Admin member manages the voucher codes centrally.  If you are unsure who this is please contact us.  The Organisation Admin can access the voucher codes by logging into their account with their  personal login details. Click on the “MEMBERS” tab, and then select the “MY VOUCHERS” tab to view the membership dinner vouchers.

  2. Copy a VOUCHER CODE to use for the booking.

  3. Go to the events page and choose the LIVE EVENT you want to book.

  4. Click on the “BOOK MULTIPLE" button at the bottom of the page. 

  5. Make sure your details, including your phone number are up to date.

  6. Paste the VOUCHER CODE into the Voucher Code box.

  7. Click outside the box and you will see that no payment is required as the Voucher has been used.

  8. Click “NEXT” to confirm and you’ll be given confirmation of the completed event registration

If you wish to book your own place at a Live Event you will just need to press the “BOOK NOW”  tab.  Use “BOOK MULTIPLE” when registering any of your STAFF member colleagues.

For further assistance, you can refer to the  CORPORATE VOUCHER BOOKING PROCESS VIDEO


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