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PCD Club is the premier business networking club for international private client professionals. Our exclusive events are designed to aid networking and maximise business development opportunities in a relaxed and sociable setting.

We deliver our program through a mixture of digital and live events, using the latest technology to provide connectivity, networking and visibility to leading firms on a global basis.

PCD Club has responded to the COVID-19 crisis by augmenting our live event program with digital marketing channels such as webinars, digital publications, private forums for members to share referral opportunities and a member directory to provide connectivity to professionals even when unable to travel or take face to face meetings.

PCD Club has become known as the leading global networking platform for the private wealth sector, hosting first-class events at leading venues. The group provides a forum for the global private client community to connect and do business. In 2019, we hosted events for over 5,000 guests in 21 global cities including New York, Miami, London, Geneva, Zurich, Mumbai, Dubai, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Cape Town. To view a gallery of previous events with video clips, photos and guest lists, click here.

PCD Club was launched in London 6 years ago and now regularly attracts 150+ professionals to events from over 500 member firms. Our growing community is 6,000 strong. In the last 2 years, we have executed 60 events hosting 10,000 guests. The club has remained focused on the international private client community and membership is carefully monitored and controlled to ensure quality and relevance.

Through 2020, we have delivered a solid program of digital content and online networking in the schedule for our members to help drive their business forward. From Summer 2021, we expect our live events schedule to return. We are encouraging leading professionals to join us now to access these valuable ideas and make important connections with potential introducers of new business. The events, our website and all our interactions with (and between) members are designed to facilitate these connections; to enable professionals to build long-lasting and mutually beneficial business and professional relationships as part of an exclusive club.

Membership is the most cost effective way to attend multiple events and gives you full access to the valuable network of contacts that can be found within the PCD Club. Membership also allows an easy and convenient way to attend events on a regular basis while reducing the admin burden.

Major credit cards accepted
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Find out why leading brands in the private client industry are partnering with PCD to raise their profile, make connections and drive new business.



Find out how you can participate in the leading club for international private client advisors and unlock opportunities around the globe. 


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