6 September 2018


The following is a summary of a recent discussion with professional advisers to get their views on trends in philanthropy and the role they can play in improving levels of giving. This discussion was facilitated by CRUK and the Private Client Dining Club.

17 July 2018

Kleinwort Hambros has commissioned Cebr to create an index that captures the entrepreneurial hot spots in the UK.

28 June 2018

Scottish property has long been popular with foreign investors and there is no sign of this trend losing momentum.

28 June 2018

Here we focus on the global macroeconomic cycle, the risk of “mini bubbles” and some of our current investment themes, and how to incorporate these broader factors into portfolio construction in order to limit the impact of potential volatility while still participating in market gains.

28 June 2018

Acquiring artworks, antiques, and other collectibles is a common pastime
of private clients, for reasons that can vary greatly from profit-making to maintaining cultural ties, or simply as a general reflection of their interests.

28 June 2018

Hampden & Co, the independent bank which opened in June 2015, is strengthening its team serving high net worth clients in Edinburgh and London.

10 May 2018

Many people think of investing as being a rational, logical process. However, investment decisions are subject to the biases and emotions of the people making them. It is therefore important for investors to be aware of their preconceptions, in order to better understand how they can affect their decision making.

6 April 2018

High earners are the forgotten people of UK pensions: fact. Not exactly a statement that will elicit widespread sympathy but true nonetheless.

6 April 2018


Are tax changes killing the 'Golden Goose'?

9 November 2017

Would you like to take your next BD trip on a private jet?



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