Security considerations when returning to work

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During the phased return of staff to the workplace, organisations may be required to introduce and adopt additional or varied security measures to ensure they comply with any legislative requirements, whilst maintaining the integrity of their premises.

Access Control

Multi occupancy buildings may require landlord and group agreement in redesigning main entry choke points to allow separation and sufficient spacing for staff, delivery and visitors entering or leaving the building, whilst maintaining security standards. Additional stocks of access cards and resetting of staff PIN numbers is likely to be a factor when staff return.

Guardforce & Vendors

Vendor staff working in multiple locations pose a greater risk of reintroduction of the virus and consideration should therefore be given to dedicated teams. Vendors must be briefed on company/legal requirements and must ensure adherence to stringent cleaning procedures is maintained in any staff assigned accommodation.

Protecting the Workspace

Where employees are due to return to the office, it is important that they feel it is safe to do so. Staggered work times to reduce peak volume, additional and regular cleaning of common touch points should be introduced. Consideration should be given to installing physical barriers or sneeze guards at communal reception desks in busy areas.

Operations and Logistics

With many staff having been working from home for long periods of time either using company equipment, rental, or personal computers, consider executing relevant sanitisation, electrical appliance testing, and scans prior to connection to internal networks.

Policy & Procedures

With the potential changes in local legislation, organisations should review their policies and SOP's regarding building and emergency management. Consider evacuation procedures and assembly points for staff, in addition to the training and awareness of any changes to procedures.


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