Interview with Jellyfish Consulting


Jiggy Rawal, Founder

What does your company do?

With deep expertise on strategy, transformation, and value creation, Jellyfish Consulting creates bespoke solutions for its clients. We understand that strategy is an art, not a formula, tailoring each approach to accentuate an organization's unique strengths. Through careful analysis and collaborative efforts, we sculpt strategies precisely suited to each client's distinct challenges and aspirations. Be it a minor overhaul or a sweeping company-wide shift, Jellyfish Consulting navigates the path to transformation with precision, ensuring lasting impact for future years. Jellyfish Consulting has an unwavering commitment to delivering concrete measurable results.  Operating in international markets including dynamic ones such as Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and South Africa. Being a boutique consulting firm, we believe that the most profound impact is often born from the strong partnerships we form with our clients.


Why did you donate to this cause / campaign for GOSH?

Jellyfish Consulting's sponsorship of the charity bike ride from London to Brighton for Great Ormond Street Hospital is part of its commitment to women and children's charities. At Jellyfish, we are passionate about the well-being of our youngest and most vulnerable. Great Ormond Street Hospital embodies this spirit wholeheartedly, providing invaluable care and support to children in their most trying times, while also offering solace and strength to their families. Our hope is that, through this event, it’s made a meaningful difference in the lives of those who depend on it.


How can you help “Private Client Dinners” (PCD) members? 

Jellyfish Consulting Services offers a comprehensive suite of strategy, transformation, and value creation solutions tailored to meet the unique needs PCD members and their clients.  Our experiences and knowledge in financial services, Jellyfish understands the nuanced challenges and opportunities that come with managing discerning clientele.  Leveraging this knowledge, the firm can craft bespoke strategies and solutions with the specific goals and risk tolerances of each client, from the creation of new regulated single or multifamily offices, restructuring an existing office to creating new organisational strategies with value creation embedded within them.

What should the next charity event be?

I propose that our next charity event could be a charity clay shoot day.  Providing an opportunity to not only contribute financially, but to also invest a piece of ourselves in a cause that resonates deeply with our collective hearts. Together, we can make an even greater impact, whilst building some long-lasting connections and memories of the event too!  Long after the last shot has echoed!


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