Interview with Conrad Capital London


John Clifford, Managing Director

What does your company do?

We are a privately funded Real Estate Lender based in London


How can you help PCD members?  

We have vast operational experience and knowledge of lending in the UK Real Estate market. We are privately funded, which gives us flexibility and we are used to working with UHNW and international clients, which we see a number of ourselves via our Private Office, as well as from other sources, including other family offices, law firms and accountancy firms both in the UK and internationally. 

Why did you donate to this campaign for GOSH?

It is a phenomenal institution. Our MD and most of our team are parents. Any cause which helps children is firmly on our radar.

What should the PCD team do next for charity sponsorship?

We have supported charitable institutions for many years in various ways, mainly overseas, partly because we have always taken the view it can be much harder to benefit from aid in certain countries. Please view our current philanthropic endeavours here.

"Charity and Philanthropy should be firmly in the cultural psyche of any business. It is easy to race ahead commercially and be focused on what you do, whilst not stopping to consider the hardship of others, both at home and around the world. We are always proud to help colleagues and partners who value this ethos as much as we do."


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