An Interview with Tanya O'Carroll

What do you do for Oak Group?

I'm the managing director of Oak in the Isle of Man with overall responsibility for delivering high quality client service while taking into account the strategic financial and operational requirements of our business operations on the island.

What do you love most about your role?

Each day is different, I enjoy the complexity and variety that my role offers. Also, the finance industry allows me to learn at every opportunity whether it be compliance, legal, corporate finance or family office solutions. Each client has their own individual requirements which can often be extremely complex.

How has your business adapted in light of COVID-19?

We adapted very quickly to the pandemic, vacating our offices when instructed to so by the IOM Government. Our recently upgraded IT and digital infrastructure enabled our teams to move smoothly to remote working at full capacity and we continued to deliver seamless client service throughout the lockdown.

We have all now returned to the office and regardless of where we are working, we are positioned to deliver the highest quality service to our clients, whilst ensuring we have the well-being of our employees at the centre of our business.

In the spirit of the IOM BIOSHPERE designation we have, during and after lockdown, moved to a completely paperless office - an achievement we had been working towards recently. This has also led to consideration of an ongoing mix of office based and home working to further support a lower carbon footprint for the business.

Why did you join PCD?

The valuable opportunity of gaining industry insight to likeminded professionals across the field of financial and legal services. PCD offers a combination of topical and insightful webinars/events which provide the perfect balance of education and networking opportunities.

Have you attended a PCD webinar? What did you think?

I found the West Africa Series: Succession Planning & Family Office Trends, very topical and also insightful. The complexity and challenges associated with succession planning and family office management aligned well with my experience and professional interest in the subject. Our clients are reviewing arrangements and plans, the key requirements are to balance the various family member expectations and to keep in regular contact.

My top tip for working from home is...

Balance - it is all too easy to forget when to stop working, take a break, and keep in contact with your colleagues; speaking to them and your clients rather than e-mailing is preferable. People like to hear your voice and to share their experiences.

On a weekend, I am most likely found...

Outside with my daughter enjoying the amazing Isle of Man countryside, spectacular glens, expansive plantations, and coastal walks offering views that are out of this world.


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