An Interview with Philippa Armitage

What is my role at Strabens Hall?

I work in the Investment Consulting Team at Strabens Hall. We as a team of four provide advice to clients helping them to select the right manager or blend of managers for their investments. I have been working in investment for many years and have managed portfolios for pension funds, charities and private clients in a number of different markets. Having worked as a manager, it is fascinating to see how others make decisions and what went right or wrong and why. 

What do I like about my job?

The most rewarding part of my job is guiding clients and their families through the complexities of the investment world. I particularly enjoy any opportunity to work with those who have more limited investment experience so that they can increase their knowledge and confidence.

Who do we work with?

Clients can approach us directly. However, we usually work alongside a range of professionals including accountants, lawyers, private banks and of course, our own in-house financial advisors who are invaluable. Over the years, regulation has quite rightly demanded more clarity from both managers and advisers but the variety and number of products have also increased making it more difficult to make good decisions. It really is important to have experts on your side.

Why did you join Strabens Hall?

Prior to joining the team eighteen months ago, I had worked as an investment consultant for many years. I was attracted by the quality of financial advice I had previously received as a Strabens Hall client and the level of independent investment advice that a dedicated team could offer.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

You will find me either working in the garden, walking the dogs in the hills particularly those in the remoter parts of Scotland or when too wet for either, playing cards with friends and family or too predictably, studying the investment markets.


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