An Interview with Natalie Martin

What do you do for PwC?

I'm a Director in PwC's Private Business team and advise wealthy individuals, international families and business owners on a wide range of tax matters, both in the UK and globally. I have a particular specialism in and passion for tax dispute resolution, managing complex disputes and negotiating with HMRC and other revenue authorities.

I lead PwC's Private Client Tax Dispute practice throughout the UK and so I get involved in lots of different issues. As an insight, I am currently advising on an international residence enquiry with multiple global revenue authorities, UK domicile enquiries and a complex contract settlement covering many different issues on multiple trusts for a large family office.

Tell our members a bit more about your business and its relevance within the private client world.

The complexity of tax legislation and the continued focus of revenue authorities on High Net Worths means that being able to advise clients holistically on their past, current and potential future tax issues is key. My team and I don't just help clients deal with tax risk or tax disputes; we are able to advise them fully on all aspects of their tax affairs.

In the private client arena, this is crucial. Tax disputes specialists need to be technically competent in both tax administration matters but also complex technical advisory issues. It's no longer enough to have one without the other. Too often we see past issues being settled without a full understanding of the current or future impact of the position taken.

PwC's tax disputes team is truly multi-disciplinary and includes, chartered tax advisors, former HMRC inspectors, qualified accountants and practicing solicitors.

What is the greatest change you've seen in the private client world?

The overriding theme for the last few years has been that of increasing global regulatory obligations and complex changes to tax systems. Clients are becoming increasingly sensitive to the complexity of tax systems and increased regulatory burden they face. Consequently, they want to review their existing structures to assess whether they are still fit for purpose.

At the same time, the various transparency measures have enabled tax authorities to gain access to vast amounts of information that previously they would not have been privy to. From a UK perspective, this has resulted in an increase in HMRC enquiries and compliance checks. At the same time, HMRC has strengthened their hand through measures such as larger penalties where an inaccuracy is discovered and increasing the time limits within which they can raise assessments.

At which PCD event will members find you next?

I'll be at the London and Edinburgh events in September and hopefully some of the dinners further afield later in the year.

On a weekend, PCD members are most likely to find you...

Spending time with my family. I have two young sons who are 1 and 3 so they take up most of my free time, but I wouldn't have it any other way!


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