An interview with Louise Taylor

What do you do for Rockpool?

In my role at Rockpool I assist our network of clients in building diversified private company investment portfolios to grow their wealth and manage risks. I introduce our new deals as they become available and explain the investment propositions to new and experienced investors. I also help to find new clients and spread the word about Rockpool’s products and services. 

What do you love most about your role?

My favourite aspect of my role is being able to get out and meet so many new investors and help them to see the way that private companies can fit into their portfolios. A lot of our investors are successful entrepreneurs or very established in business and they have all had very interesting lives and careers. I learn something from every meeting and it is a pleasure to build relationships with such a diverse range of people. I particularly love when a client is so happy with their experience of working with Rockpool that they choose to introduce me to their friends – I have met some of my best clients in that way. And the best days in the job of course are calling my clients to let them knowabout a successful exit.

What has been your greatest achievement?

Since joining Rockpool in 2013 I have watched the business flourish and feel very proud to be part of the team to have grown Rockpool from around 70 investors to over 4000+ in the last 10 years. We have now invested over £650m and returned over £500m to clients. I take most pleasure in the entrepreneurial spirit in the company and having helped the business grow, and this growth was evident at our recent investors event in London which was oversubscribed and brought together a mix of brand new and existing investors. 

Why did you join PCD?

Like many members of the PCD, I joined in order to meet new people and have been delighted by thecalibre of attendees at the events I have attended. I was introduced to PCD by someone I met through a Women in Business Networking event and we decided to go to an event together. It was such an inclusive and friendly event that I have been returning ever since. There are very few other events where you can meet people who are working with private clients across a range of specialist skills and services.

On a weekend, I am most likely found...

Zipping around galleries in London or Suffolk. I have a background in the arts and it is a great passion of mine. I love immersing myself in all sorts of art, fashion and design, particularly Leighton House and the Design Museum. I also enjoy tennis, Pilates and socialising with my family and friends.


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