An Interview with Jason Connon

What do you do for Provenance Insurance?

As the CEO of a boutique business, I've got a hand in everything that we do. I do have a great team behind me, and we all get involved in the running of the business, but we all have the same core ethos - clients come first.

I'm mainly found working with clients, or their other professional advisers, on the insurance requirements for High Net Worth Individuals, and working closely with our insurance partners to secure the bespoke solutions.

What do you love most about your role?

It's such a diverse experience being an insurance broker as no two risks are the same. From personal assets or personal needs, there is always something different when protecting a private client. It's great to understand a clients assets collection, particularly cars and specialist musical instruments, which is also a personal hobby.

We also provide commercial insurance solutions, and with nearly 20 years in insurance, I've experienced pretty much every sector of commerce. We support a number of fintech businesses, and it's fascinating to watch them develop and grow.

How has your business adapted in light of the current COVID-19 crisis?

Internally, we have fortunately had little impact as our infrastructure allowed us to operate remotely in a secure way. However, on facing out to clients and partners, it was quite a challenge as we are mainly a face to face business, as we like to meet people. As people have grown more accustomed to web-based contact, it has been easier to progress to a digital based relationship, but we're looking forward to more people interaction in person, and within the safety guidelines.

Why did you join PCD?

I've previously attended some events on an ad-hoc basis, and worked with some of the current members, and found the people interesting and helpful. Having observed the great work by the team to quickly switch to an effective digital based network, it convinced me to formally get on board.

Have you attended a PCD webinar? What did you think?

Yes, I've joined quite a few, and I'm committing to at least one per week. They have been thoroughly enjoyable, and learning takeaways from all of them and new connections. I'm looking forward to joining more, and getting actively involved in a future session.

My top tip for working from home is...

Invest in a motorised desk that allows you to occasionally stand up and a proper chair. I'm slightly worried that people quickly adjusting to working from home haven't set up their working space properly, and some health issues will transpire. Sorry to keep the risk management hat on!

On a weekend, I am most likely found...

On a nice walk with the family. We're extremely fortunate to be close to some amazing places, such as Bushy Park & Painshill Park, so nothing better than to switch off and enjoy some fresh air away from computers & phones. However, we're always available for clients!


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