An interview with Dr Dennis Mark Gauci


What do you do for KSi Malta?

I serve as the Partner for International Clients at KSi Malta, orchestrating a multifaceted role that involves extensive global travel and strategic networking. My primary objective is to expand KSi Malta's client base while also nurturing relationships with our existing clients through the connections I establish.

Working alongside a dedicated team, we embark on these international business ventures, turning challenges into triumphs and transforming our collective efforts into meaningful achievements. The cohesion within our team not only facilitates my responsibilities but also embodies the essence of purpose in my role. Despite the complexities inherent in these journeys, I derive immense satisfaction and growth from each experience.

My academic background, encompassing a Professional Doctorate in International Trade and Business, empowers me to navigate the complexities of global commerce with expertise. Beyond KSi Malta, I actively engage in Trade Missions and Governmental Business Delegations, championing Malta's appeal for Foreign Direct Investment on a global scale.

Amidst my diverse engagements, my involvement in the burgeoning Superyacht registration industry stands out. Serving as the Vice President of the Super Yacht Network Industry Malta, I lead influential conferences and events that span the globe, contributing to the advancement of the superyacht sector.

In essence, my role converges as a global connector, an advocate for Malta's economic growth, a representative of its business appeal, and a significant figure in the maritime and superyacht domains. Every facet of my journey contributes to elevating KSi Malta's position, enhancing client relations, and fostering a legacy of interconnected success.

What do you love most about your role?

What I find most captivating about my role is its dynamic nature. Each day brings new encounters with diverse individuals, allowing me to forge enduring connections. This position has not only facilitated my professional growth but has also instilled in me a profound appreciation for personal development. I've come to firmly believe that personal growth is not solely a path in achieving success, but a vital ingredient for lasting happiness as well.

What has been your greatest achievement?

Certainly, one of my most significant accomplishments occurred just a few months ago when I completed my doctorate. This achievement marked the culmination of a lifelong pursuit of knowledge and expertise.

In the realm of my personal life, my most profound achievement undoubtedly centres around my family – my wife and son. They are the driving force behind my endeavours, and everything I strive for is aimed at providing them with a better future.

What type of intermediaries do you tend to work with?

I typically collaborate with a specific group of individuals in my role - Business Leaders and decision-makers. My interactions revolve around those who possess the capability to enact substantial change, often being the ones who wield influence and advocate for their perspectives.

Why did you join PCD?

I became a part of PCD with a clear purpose: to connect with individuals who hold the power to effect meaningful change, thereby broadening my professional network. Additionally, I saw an opportunity to highlight Malta's untapped business potential, making it a focal point of my involvement. 

On a weekend, I am most likely found…

During weekends, when I'm not engaged in business travel, my time is typically dedicated to my family. I cherish moments of quality with my wife and engage in playtime with my son.


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