An Interview with Anna Josse


What do you do at Prism the Gift Fund (Prism)?

I am Founder and CEO of Prism the Gift Fund (Prism). Prism is a UK registered charity and Donor Advised Fund (DAF) administering the charitable giving of HNW individuals, groups, foundations and corporates, giving significantly to causes all over the world. DAFs are a time, cost, and tax effective alternative to setting up one’s own grant making foundation. Making donations around the world can be complex, time consuming and requires expertise in due diligence, governance and compliance. We also run Collective Funds whereby a lead donor can raise money for a cause from a number of donors. We are unique in the market in terms of our model, our target market, our ethos and our entrepreneurial flair and spirit that runs throughout the organisation.

How can one maximise my giving with a DAF?

With Prism, donors can donate a variety of assets to their DAF which each have their own associated tax relief for qualifying individuals including cash, shares, property and land, cryptocurrency, and legacy giving. These assets are listed on our website with a calculator to help advisers and individuals calculate the tax relief which would be available to them depending on their tax circumstances. Donations of cash come with the best-known UK charitable tax relief: Gift Aid. For donations eligible for Gift Aid, Prism claims an additional 25% of the donation from HMRC, topping up the balance of the DAF. Higher rate taxpayers may be eligible to claim back a further 25% on the gross donation in their end of year tax return. Click here to use our Gift Aid calculator to see what your donation could be worth.

How does it work?

Prism ensures that claiming the relevant tax relief is straightforward and simple by providing clients with an end of year tax statement-one piece of paper for Prism’s clients to hand to their accountants.Whatever the client intends to donate, Prism exists to make the act of giving easy and efficient, leaving donors with the joy of giving whilst Prism takes care of the necessary due diligence, compliance and administration involved. 

What do you love most about your job?

Firstly, I meet some fascinating people and it’s always great understanding their background and what has motivated them on their philanthropy journey. And then seeing Prism fulfil its mission of increasing the flow of charitable funds to causes globally, is empowering. By removing obstacles and complexities of giving, we believe that many people will give more and that others who haven’t previously, will start to give.

Why did you join PCD? 

We joined PCD because it’s a powerful network of serious and talented individuals in the private client intermediary space. We attend most of the London PCD dinners as it’s a great place to develop new relationships and we’ve seen client referrals as a result. I have also taken part in PCD webinars with peers in the sector.

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